How to buy a membership for a junior, as a gift, or on behalf of someone else



Every membership requires their own Client Reference Number (CRN), which can be obtained on the Club's eticketing platform.

How to generate a CRN:

  1. Log out of your account on eticketing in order to register a new account for the person you are buying for
  2. Click the REGISTER link at the top of the eticketing website.  
  3. Enter their details - use an email address that that is not attached to an existing CRN account
  4. The CRN number will be included in the confirmation email


How to buy the One Hotspur membership

  1. Login in with your CRN by clicking SIGN IN at the top of the eticketing website.
  2. Choose your membership from the options below and click 'Add to Basket'.
  3. To add more memberships to your basket, go back to the membership page and repeat step 2.
  4. Review your order on the 'Your Basket' page
  5. Assign all memberships to a CRN by clicking the 'Assign' link


  1. Find the relevant CRN by entering it into the Member Number field along with their surname


  1. Once all memberships have been assigned, click 'Proceed to Checkout'
  2. Choose your payment method and confirm. Each member will receive a confirmation email on completion.


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