Ticketing (Loyalty) Points

Season ticket holders and One Hotspur members accrue ticketing (previously loyalty) points in different ways. Please note that Season Ticket holders will always obtain ticket priority over One Hotspur members. 

Note: You may have noticed you had three (3) points added then removed for the Fulham match:

  • One Hotspur Members: Typically ticketing points are added after the match for One Hotspur members - we had to add then remove these points in order to generate a ticket for you. They'll be added back on once we update all accounts (assuming you scanned your ticket).
  • Season Ticket Holders: Your 30 ticketing points you receive included points for this match, they were added then removed for all Season Ticket holders to retain parity. As per a recent announcement, you'll receive bonus points for matches played at Wembley that you attend, these points will be added soon.


When will my points be added?

For the Premier League home fixtures being played at Wembley Stadium, connected by EE, points will be allocated after the match has been played, typically within a couple of weeks.

For all Premier League away fixtures and home cup games, points within 24 hours of payment being received.

  • Added to accounts:
    • One Hotspur Members: Ticketing Points have been added up until Chelsea.
    • Season Ticket holders: Premier League away fixtures, all home cup games are added to accounts at the point of purchase. Bonus attendance points are added after the match has been played, see below for the next points update date.
    • Away matches: Your point will be added to your account once you have been charged for that ticket (ie not at the point of notification you've been successful). If you have multiple tickets in the same booking - occasionally tickets within the same booking are charged in separate transactions, points will be allocated once that individual ticket has been charged for. 
  • Match points to be updated: by 14th December 
    • Manchester City: 4 points were allocated for this match, 1 point has been added to One Hotspur members accounts, we'll add the remaining 3 points shortly.
    • Chelsea: will be added shortly
    • Southampton: Once played, points will be added at the same time as the above.
    • NOTE: Purchase a ticket, but the match hasn't been played yet: Points are added after the match. 

Changing from One Hotspur membership to Season Ticket holder

Please as the two programs are not comparable if you switch between being a One Hotspur membership or Season Ticket holder (or vise versa) your accumulated points will expire as they can not be transferred. 


Season Ticket Holders

Season Ticket holders will accrue ticketing points for renewing a season ticket and purchasing any tickets for games not included as part of your Season Ticket, using your client reference number.

Renewing your season ticket:

  • Platinum Season Ticket: 50
  • Gold Season Ticket: 40
  • Silver Season Ticket: 30


Purchasing a ticket using your client reference number:

Season Ticket holders will receive ticketing points for purchasing a ticket to any first team home or away match that is outside of the 19 Home Premier League fixtures. The ticket must be purchased using your client reference number.


One Hotspur Members

You'll receive Ticketing Points (previously known as Loyalty Points) for signing up to / renewing your One Hotspur membership and attending matches: 

  • One Hotspur members receive 10 ticketing points, One Hotspur+ receive 15 ticketing points. 
  • If you renewed via direct debit before 31 May 2018 you'll receive a bonus 5 extra ticketing points.
  • The number of points allocated to each match will be published under ticketing news (see links to news articles)

Missing membership renewal points: 

Some One Hotspur members renewal points weren't automatically applied when they renewed by direct debit before 31 May. Our Ticketing partner has now resolved this and these points have been applied to effected accounts by the end of October. Note: This did not impact your ability to purchase tickets. 

Purchasing a ticket using your client reference number:

One Hotspur members will receive ticketing points for purchasing a ticket to any first team home or away match. The ticket must be bought using your client reference number.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reassign tickets once the purchase is complete. 


How the ticketing points system works:

From the start of the 2012/2013 season, we made some changes to the ticketing point system to ensure that those supporters that continue to regularly attend matches are recognised when we come to allocate tickets for the most popular matches.

As a result of these changes the points total held by One Hotspur Season Ticket holders and Members will consist of the points gained in the previous 4 full seasons, as well as the current campaign.

For example, for the start of the 2018/2019 season the points gained for continuous membership will be totalled for the following seasons:

    • 2014/2015
    • 2015/2016
    • 2016/2017
    • 2017/2018

In addition, this total will be added to by any points gained during the 2018/2019 season. At the end of next season, then any points from the 2014/2015 season will fall away to be replaced by points gained during the 2018/2019 season.


Why did the system change?

By making the changes to the points system, the Club are looking to show recognition to those supporters who have continued to maintain the most active match attendance records over a number of years.

At the same time, this alteration ensures that supporters who accrued a large number of loyalty points a number of years ago but are no longer able to attend matches as frequently do not maintain an unfair advantage in terms of access to tickets to the most attractive matches.

As a result of these alterations, supporters who were members or Season Ticket holders prior to 2012/2013 will see their loyalty point totals drop. However, this will apply to everyone, and new totals will reflect the continued active support over the last four full seasons.

Viewing your Ticketing Point Total and history:

  1. Login to the Ticket & Membership Centre here using your client reference number and password.
  2. Select 'My Account' to the right of the page, displayed alongside your name
  3. Click the word 'Ticketing Points' which will appear next to your current points total.
  4. A breakdown of your point history will be detailed here.


Ticketing Point Table

To aid supporters wishing to apply for away matches, and to assess the potential for their access to tickets, we have published a loyalty points table on the Club website. There are separate tables for Season Ticket holders and One Hotspur members showing how many supporters there are in different loyalty point brackets.

To view the Ticketing Point Table, please click here


This table is to act as a guide for supporters and will be updated monthly. To view your own ticketing points, please log in to your account on the eTicketing portal using your Customer Reference Number.


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