Cancelling Bronze or Lilywhite Membership 17/18

All current Bronze and Lilywhite members will receive information about their membership renewal options for 18/19 Season soon. 

We will notify all members who are paying by Direct Debit at least 10 days prior to us attempting to take payment.  

You have until the 31st May 2018 to renew and retain your loyalty points and your Season Ticket waiting list position if you're a Bronze member. 

Junior and Seniors can continue membership from just £20 and Adults from £43, for more information about the new membership options see: One Hotspur 

Cancel your Membership:

We hope you'll renew your membership, however if you chose not to renewal please be aware that you'll lose the benefits of being a member, including:

  • Preferential ticket purchase
  • Bronze members will lose their Season Ticket waiting list position
  • Season Ticket Holder or Members may not be able to add you as a guest to their booking (if ticket purchase is restricted to members only)
  • 10% discount from the Spurs retail store on Matchdays
  • Access to Ticket Exchange

There is no need to contact us to cancel your membership - please see below for more information:

Paid by direct debit

If you paid by direct debit, please contact your bank and request to remove the "Direct Debit Instruction for Tottenham Hotspur" (this isn't something we can arrange for you). 

Once you have cancelled your direct debit there is no need to contact the Club. You'll receive reminder notifications and a direct debit payment notice 10 days prior to payment attempt - which you can simply ignore. Once your bank has cancelled the Direct Debit instruction, it is not possible for the Club to take any further payments via Direct Debit.


Not paying by direct debit:

You don't need to do anything, simply ignore the renewal reminders. You will not be charged unless you log into your account and repurchase.



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