How do I renew/purchase One Hotspur membership?


This season, I paid my membership by Direct Debit. Do I need to do anything to renew?

No, there’s no need to do anything to renew. We will auto-renew you and payment will be taken from your account. You will receive an email, 10 days before this to advise you of the amount and payment date. However, you should check with your bank that your direct debit details are up to date. Should your Direct Debit details be incorrect, we will be unable to renew your membership and you will lose your Ticketing/Loyalty points and your position on the Season Ticket Waiting List (Bronze only).


This season, I paid my membership by card. Do I need to do anything to renew?

Yes, you must log on to e-ticketing using your Client reference number and complete your renewal online. If you experience any issues, please call 0330 333 2018


I would like to become a One Hotspur member

At present, we are prioritising the renewals of our current members. One Hotspur and One Hotspur+ membership will be available to purchase from early June 2018 via 


I would like some more information

Please call our dedicated support line on 0330 333 2018 or email

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