What's changed for 2018/2019 membership?


I was a Lilywhite Member this season, which membership type should I renew onto?

Lilywhite membership is being re-named to One Hotspur.


I was a Bronze Member this season, which membership type should I renew onto?

Bronze becomes One Hotspur+ which includes all the benefits of One Hotspur, plus additional ticketing benefits of extra ticketing priority window above One Hotspur Members and a position on the Season Ticket Waiting List.


What are Ticketing points

Loyalty points are being re-named Ticketing points. Just the name is changing – all other aspects of the scheme remain the same. We are changing the name as the points are used for ticketing purposes - to allocate tickets to over-subscribed matches.


Will I retain my Ticketing (Loyalty) points?

Yes, once you renew by 31 May 2018 you will retain the Ticketing (Loyalty) points you have accrued.


Will I retain my position on the Season Ticket Waiting List?

All current Bronze Members have a position on the Season Ticket Waiting List. Once, you renew onto One Hotspur+ you will retain your Season Ticket Waiting list position.


Why is there no longer a Direct Debit discount?

Changes in UK legislation in January this year means that we must charge the same for all payment methods however if you renew by Direct Debit you will receive an additional 5 Ticketing/Loyalty points. Also, Direct Debit customers will be automatically renewed next season, avoiding the risk of missing the renewal deadline and losing Ticketing (Loyalty) points and Season Ticket Waiting List position.


I was a Dribbler, Kicker, Striker or Young Adult this season, which membership type will I become this season?

Dribbler, Kicker, Striker and Young Adult tiers will be removed this season and all members U-18 on 16 August 2018 will become One Hotspur or One Hotspur+ members with Junior concessionary pricing - £20 for One Hotspur, £25 for One Hotspur+. 


I’m currently a Wembley Pass Holder, what happens next season?

Wembley Passes will expire at the end of this season. Current Wembley Pass holders should renew their one Hotspur membership by 31 May and in doing so will retain their Ticketing (Loyalty) points and their position on the Season Ticket Waiting List. If you are on Direct Debit you will be automatically renewed onto One Hotspur+.


I would like some more information

Please call our dedicated support line on 0330 333 2018 or email Member.Renewals@tottenhamhotspur.com




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