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Please see the following the recent announcements regarding the new stadium:

Season Ticket holders are reminded that for data protection and security reasons, bank details previously submitted are not stored so details must be resubmitted for each credit payment in order for funds to be sent.

I’m a Season Ticket Holder – how do I book for the matches that will be played at Wembley Stadium?

All season ticket holders will have to book tickets if they wish to attend the games that are being held at Wembley Stadium, connected by EE.


1. Sign In to your Ticketing account using your client reference number and password.

2. Choose Reserved Tickets from the My Account menu that appears in the top right hand corner of the screen. You will have the option to add any other seats of Season Ticket Holders whose account(s) you manage, into your basket.

3. Once you have the seats in your basket you wish to purchase, click Proceed to Checkout and enter your payment details.


What about my Ticketing (loyalty) Points for the games played at Wembley Stadium?

All Season Ticket Holders were awarded 30 Ticketing Points upon purchase of a Silver Season Ticket which included points for all 19 Home Premier League games.

Additionally, Season Ticket Holders will receive 1 additional attendance point for games that have or will be played at Wembley Stadium, connected by EE.

As per the 2017/18 season, these points will not be added until after the game has been played and will only be awarded if your ticket is scanned on matchday (note: typically these are added a few weeks after the match has been played, see Ticketing Points for updates).

You will continue to earn additional ticketing points for cup matches and away games, determined on a per match basis. Please see the Ticketing News section of the website for recent announcements.

For more information about which points have been added to accounts please see Ticketing Points

Do I still have to pay booking fees for these games?

For Home Premier League games:

As long as you book during one of the dedicated season ticket sales periods, booking fees will be waived for Gold and Silver Season Ticket Holders

For Home Cup matches:

All season ticket holders will be charged a per ticket booking fee for Home Cup Matches as these games are not included within a season ticket.

As a benefit of joining the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme, Gold Season Ticket Holders will have their booking fees refunded. This refund will be processed within seven days of purchase.

If, for any fixture, you opt to have ticket sent to you in the post, a delivery fee of £1.00 per booking will apply. There is no delivery cost if you select Print at Home tickets.

What Credit have you put into my account?

Credit for the matches up until Manchester United have now been applied to your ticketing account balance. You can choose to leave it in your balance for the use against your 2019/20 Season Ticket or alternatively arrange for it to be refunded into your bank account. 

Can I use my credit to purchase tickets? 

Please note, it is not possible to use ticketing credit to purchase tickets.

If you do not wish to use your ticketing credit towards the cost of your 2019/20 Season Ticket, please arrange for this to be refunded into your bank account. 

How do I claim my 1/19th refund?

  1. Sign into your ticketing account using you client reference number and password 
  2. In the top right corner of the screen, click My Account. 
  3. On the drop down menu below Account Management click Account Cashback. 
  4. Enter your bank account details

To ensure that there is no delay in receiving your refund, before submitting, please carefully check all details are accurate for a valid UK bank account.


When will the refund appear in my bank account?

Payments will be extracted as per the below and processed, the payment will be deposited into your account as per the dates below. 

If you entered the wrong account details, please see below.   

 Refund request submitted: Payment processed on: 
By 12noon 20 August 24 August
By 12noon 23 August 31 August
By 12noon 3 September 10 September
By 4:00pm 10 September 17 September 
By 11:59pm 24 September 1 October
By 11:59pm 7 October 15 October
By 11:59pm 24 October 1 November
By 8:59am 30 October 6 November
By 8:59am 1 November 9 November 
By 8:59am 5 November 13 November 
By 5:00pm 19 November 27 November
By 5:00pm 5 December 13 December
By 8:59am 14 December 20 December
By 5:00pm 18 December 28 December
By 8:59am 9 January  16 January
By 5:00pm 17 January  25 January
By 5:00pm 31 January 8 February
By 3:00pm 11 February 18 February
  Monthly ongoing (dates TBC)​



I entered the wrong account details, what do I do? 

For security, we're not able to amend/cancel payment requests once submitted via My Cashback. If the payment attempt fails, please see below.

My payment failed, what do I do? 

If you enter the incorrect bank details, we will be unable to make payment or the payment will be rejected; the credit will be only be reapplied to your ticketing account, once it has been returned to us.

If the payment is not returned to us, we at Tottenham Hotspur cannot accept liability for the error and therefore cannot guarantee that you will receive your credit.

I don't have a UK bank account, how do I get a refund?

As we'll need to process this manually for your, please call our Ticket office (we're not able to do this via email): 0344 844 0102 (UK) or from overseas on +44 20 7998 1068, selecting option 2. Lines are open from Monday - Friday, 09:30 - 17:00.

My season ticket seat is not reserved at the correct concessionary rate – what should I do?

Please message us if any change age has meant that your concessionary rate is not reflected in your reservation for any game.

What are the cut-off dates to be eligible for a concession season ticket?

  • For our senior citizen priced tickets, supporters will need to 65 years or over on August 16th 2018.
  • For our junior priced tickets, supporters will need to be 17 years or younger on August 16th 2018.
  • For our young adult priced tickets, supporters will need to be 21 years or younger on August 16th2018. 



1882 Season Ticket Holders 

We are currently in the process of creating the feature walls within the private bars for our 1882 Season Ticket Holders. Access to the bars pre-match, at half-time and after the final whistle is one of the benefits of the 1882 Season Ticket package, as well as being able to add a name of 1882 Season Ticket Holders choice to the feature walls.

There is no action to be taken just yet, we'll email you soon with more information.

How do I know what 1/19th of the cost of my Season Ticket is?

A full breakdown can be found below:


I can't open the notification, what do I do? 

A small number of Season Ticket holders have a notification in their My Account that they're not able to open. We're investigating with our ticketing partner to resolve this. Once we have an update we'll place it here.

Where is the family area?

The designated Family Area will be in the following blocks: 109, 110, 232, 416, 417, 510, 511 and 512. Supporters can only purchase within these areas if at least one junior is included within the booking.


Are Season Tickets available for the 2018/2019 Season?

All general admission Season Tickets have now sold for the 2018/2019 season. The season ticket waiting list positions will be updated in due course, with any future season tickets offered to One Hotspur + members in waiting list order.  


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