Official Sellers and Unauthorised Ticket Information


Official Sellers


Members/Season Ticket Holders or anyone else selling their tickets on such platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and other unofficial websites are in breach of the Clubs terms and conditions, therefore leaving themselves liable to having their accounts suspended. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club will collate all the information and work with the police to take what actions we can against these unofficial ticketing companies.

The unauthorised sale of match tickets above face value is a criminal offence under UK law and is a matter we take very seriously.

The only way to guarantee the validity of your tickets is to purchase them through the Club.

You can purchase general admission tickets here.

You can look at our range of premium options here.


Have you been the victim of a tout?


The Club works to combat the unauthorised sale of match tickets. If you have been the victim of a ticket tout, the document attached to this article will help if you are trying to claim money back from the website which the original purchase was made.


Contact Us


If you are concerned about the validity of your tickets, please get in touch with us at where one of our team will be able to help you.

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