Receiving emails from the Club

We recognise the desire our supporters have to be up-to-date with all things Spurs and there's no better way to keep abreast of the action than through our Club mailing list!

Here's some information about the Club mailing list that should help:


Joining the Club mailing list

Should you wish to join the Club mailing list, please create your MySpurs account for FREE here!

When filling in your personal details, you will be required to select your preferences for the Club mailing list located at the bottom of the screen before you proceed to creating your account. Please check the options carefully to ensure that you receive e-communications from us that are tailored to your preference.


Changing your email address on the Club mailing list

If you wish to change the email address that is currently registered on the mailing list please email from the email account that is currently registered, confirming the email address you want to change to, and we will ensure that this is arranged.


Not receiving email from the Club?

If you have previously received email from the Club and are no longer doing so, please check to ensure that the email address registered to your membership account is up-to-date and free of any typos or errors.

If all appears to be correct and you wish to re-join the mailing list, please email from the email account that you wish to use and we will ensure that you are re-added to Club email.

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