The pitch

The new stadium has been designed for multi-use, including a structurally engineered fully retractable pitch – the first for any stadium in the UK – to ensure that the football playing surface is always in peak condition.

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Playing surface

The existing playing surface at White Hart Lane has been excellent for years, and has greatly helped the attractive football. We currently use a hybrid surface at White Hart Lane and we are in the process of examining and testing a number of different systems to ensure we achieve the highest possible quality surface at our new stadium.

The new stadium will also feature a fully retractable pitch to cater for NFL, concerts and a range of other events whilst protecting the integrity of the playing surface. 

Pitch dimensions

The pitch dimensions will be 105m x 68m which are in line with the standard specifications as set by UEFA and FIFA.

In comparison, the current pitch dimensions at White Hart Lane are 100.1m x 67m.


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