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Trains and buses

The transport infrastructure serving the stadium is extensive with four stations: the London Underground (Victoria line) and National Rail services at Tottenham Hale, London Underground (Victoria line) and London Overground at Seven Sisters, London Overground at White Hart Lane Station and National Rail services at Northumberland Park Station. There are also up to 144 buses an hour.

All of this means there is no dependency on any one line or mode of transport and that supporters disperse in different directions with multiple travel options and with significant capacity available across the area.


Research studies

The majority of supporters already use public transport, especially since the controlled parking zones came into force surrounding the stadium area on match-days. Travel patterns to and from the stadium have shifted considerably over the last 10 years.

In 2005, research demonstrated over 60% of fans came by car; for weekend fixtures that figure has since reduced to under 40% and we aim to work to bring that down further to below 24%. We are continuing to work with the operators of the trains and buses for an even better service and improved timetabling and as part of that work we will be looking to provide live station updates post match through digital signage and stadium announcements.

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