Atmosphere has always been at the heart of our designs for the new stadium and we have studied some of the finest stadia in Europe best known for this.

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The stadium bowl


Single-tier South Stand

The new single-tier South Stand

We are looking at all aspects in terms of how we can create and retain an incredible atmosphere, including the distance of the pitch from the stands, the tightness of the bowl and the introduction of a single-tier South Stand.

The whole south development of the scheme is designed to be a fan zone and fans will be very much encouraged to utilise the atrium pre and post-match. The South Stand will also feature the largest single tier in the UK, now increased to 17,500 seats, however, areas of it have been designed with safe standing in mind and we shall have the ability to fit seats with integral safety bars in the tier should the legislation change.


Fan groups

We will be working with fan groups to see how we can co-locate fan groupings together within the new stadium rather than split them up. We will provide information for interested supporters as we move closer to stadium completion.


Closer to the pitch

The new stadium has been designed to bring fans closer to the pitch that at any other modern stadium in the country. The first row of seats will be less than 8 metres from the touchline all the way around the ground – even closer for our singe-tier ‘home end’ which will be under 6 metres – compared with over 12 metres at the City of Manchester Stadium, over 13 metres at the Emirates Stadium and 18 metres at Wembley National Stadium.


Flags and banners

Flags and banners will be a prominent visual feature within the stadium bowl and we have designed the stadium to maintain a high quality atmosphere, including the 17,500 single-tier South Stand, which has been designed specifically to encourage singing, vocal and visual support.

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