The new stadium will provide an exceptional spectator experience, with uninterrupted views for everyone, comfortable modern seating, generous leg-room and spectators closer to the pitch than at any other comparable ground in the UK.

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Seat colour

The Club will be looking to ensure that the seats within the stadium bowl will be in keeping with traditional Spurs colours.


Seat size

Fans will really notice the difference between the size of the current seats at White Hart Lane and those seats that will be available in the new stadium.

The size of seats will differ depending on where you are located within the stadium with general admission seats a minimum of 470mm compared with 455-460mm - the current seat size at White Hart Lane. Premium seating will vary between 520mm to 700mm.


Leg room

Leg room will vary from area to area within the general admission seating, with a minimum 780mm in the South stand, 800mm in parts of the North Stand Upper Tier, up to a maximum 858mm in the middle of the North Stand Upper Tier.

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