Tottenham Experience

In addition to the new stadium and the completed Lilywhite House, the new scheme brings together a wide range of uses to create new homes and jobs alongside major new visitor attractions to create a thriving destination every day of the year.

The Tottenham Experience will be housed in an architecturally stunning new visitors' centre, designed as a three storey terrace along the High Road to act as a gateway to the new stadium, providing a permanent use for the listed Warmington House.

The new scheme will blend old architecture with new, incorporating and bringing back into use the Grade II listed Warmington House and the frontage of the Tottenham & Edmonton Dispensary, which will both form integral parts of the Tottenham Experience. 

The building creates a new entrance plaza from the south and will host:

    • A Museum of Tottenham Heritage – allowing people to access historic archives, collections and stories about the local area and the Club’s role in the history of Tottenham in a relaxing and welcoming environment, with views onto the High Road and onto the podium level next to the stadium.
    • An interactive Club Museum – utilising interpretive media designed to tell the Club’s history, display Club artefacts, host the Hall of Fame and encourage the visitor to explore all aspects of the Club and its home in Tottenham.
    • A new Club shopping experience – will be the largest store area of any football Club in Europe, utilising the latest retail concepts including touch display walls and the ability to see an image of yourself wearing different merchandise.
    • An Arrivals Hub – connecting the whole Tottenham Experience, from which visitors can collect tickets, access the stadium tour and ‘suit-up’ for the Sky-Walk.

Please click The Tottenham Experience for further information.

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