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The Club

As part of the new scheme we will both embrace our history and look forwards to an exciting future in our new stadium. 

We have already undertaken an extensive programme of cataloguing all current items either in our archives or in the existing stadium as The Tottenham Experience and the new stadium will provide a natural place for many Club artefacts and showcase for our great history.


 The Bill Nicholson Gates

Additionally, key features of the three locally listed buildings have been removed in order that they can be retained, preserved and used either within The Tottenham Experience, on the site of the new stadium or within local heritage collections such as Bruce Castle Museum.



Statues and Cockerels

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We want to fully recognise the Club’s history across the scheme including in The Tottenham Experience, throughout the stadium and through suitable memorials to legends of the past. The Club is keen to deliver something truly special and therefore is considering how best to integrate them across the scheme.



The Cockerel Clock was originally used to signify the location of the Club’s offices so its current location in the reception at Lilywhite House is apt. The current cockerels will be on show either in the stadium or in The Tottenham Experience and accessible to all while the cockerel emblem will be sited at suitable locations across the new stadium site.

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