My stadium access card is yet to arrive

Stadium Access Cards and souvenir packs for all One Hotspur members and Season Ticket holders for season 2017/2018 are currently in production and are due for delivery from the beginning of August. Please be advised that all stadium access cards are despatched individually so please do not be concerned if season tickets/memberships ordered at the same time do not arrive at the same time.

Please be aware that if you have upgraded to a Season Ticket or Wembley pass you may receive Stadium Access cards for both your Membership and new Season/Wembley Pass seat. You have not been charged twice for these cards, and please disregard your Membership Access Card as your new Season Ticket/Wembley Pass Access card will override and take precedence. 

Additionally any One Hotspur Members that have opted for a Season Ticket or Wembley Pass will have the price of their Membership automatically refunded to the card that they originally paid on.




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