Why did the system change?

By making the changes to the loyalty points system the Club are looking to show recognition to those supporters who have continued to maintain the most active match attendance records over a number of years.

At the same time this alteration ensures that supporters who accrued a large number of loyalty points a number of years ago but are no longer able to attend matches as frequently do not maintain an unfair advantage in terms of access to tickets to the most attractive matches.

As a result of these alterations, supporters who were members or Season Ticket holders prior to 2012/2013 will see their loyalty point totals drop. However, this will apply to everyone, and new totals will reflect the continued active support over the last four full seasons.

To aid supporters wishing to apply for away matches, and to assess the potential for their access to tickets, we have published a loyalty points table on the Club website. There are separate tables for Season Ticket holders and Bronze and Lilywhite members showing how many supporters there are in different loyalty point brackets.

To view the loyalty points table please click here.

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