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If the person you are purchasing Membership for is either a junior or Senior Citizen you will need to select the appropriate category of Membership in order to proceed. Members with a date of birth before 16 August 2001 will qualify for a young adult concessionary price. Supporters aged 65 and over as of August 16, 2017 are eligible for Senior Citizen Membership.


 How to proceed

  1. If you are purchasing a membership on behalf of a junior or senior citizen you will need to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate category of membership for them.
  2. Please check their date of birth to ensure that this is appearing correctly.
  3. For juniors, there are four categories of membership, seen below: 
    • Dribbler (0 - 2 years)
    • Kicker (3 - 10 years)
    • Striker (11 - 15 years)
    • Young Adult (16 - 17 years)

    4. The age category you need to select will depend on the juniors age as of August 16, 2017           (the start of the season). An example can be found below:

Example: If your junior was 2 years old on August 16, 2017 you will need to select the Dribbler membership in order to proceed, even if they may now be 3 years of age. The junior will then automatically move to Kicker membership upon renewal for the following season.

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