Refund & Changes

Change booking details

If you'd like to change the name/s on your ticket, upgrade/change to concession pricing, please call the ticket office. 

Change delivery address

Please log into your account and update your address details.

Refund an existing ticket booking

Tickets can be cancelled subject to receiving written notice and any match tickets returned by no later than 7 days prior to the match.

Refund or return something from the store

If you have ordered something via the Spurs store, please see here

How do I get a refund on tickets sold via Exchange? 

If you don't wish your funds to be deducted from your next Season Ticket renewal, please login to your online etickets account, visit the “My Account” page > then “Ticket Exchange Rebate”. Rebates requested prior to the 10th of the month will be credited no later than the 20th of that month.

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