Secondary ticketing platform for 2017-2018

The club runs a Ticket Exchange system for selected matches and this is open on the basis outlined below. If it is not open for a particular fixture then please click here to buy tickets


The Season Ticket Exchange will be operational once the Club has announced that the match has sold out, or at our discretion at any point in the sales process. This will be announced through Club communication channels. 

Any Season Ticket Holder that is not able to attend a home fixture this season will be able to list their seat for sale via the Ticket Exchange system that we will operate in conjunction with Ticketmaster. The headline points to note regarding this system are:

  • Tickets will be listed for sale at the match ticket face value price

  • Season Ticket Holders will recoup 1/19th of the cost of their Season Ticket when their seat is sold for a Premier League fixture

  • Once their seat is sold Season Ticket Holders will be able to receive the rebate for sold tickets in the form of a BACS payment. These payments will be run once a month so please allow a maximum of four weeks for the funds to appear in your account

  • Season Ticket Holders who are renewing for the 2018/2019 season should note that funds for selling your season ticket seat for the Leicester City fixture will NOT come of the cost of your 2018/2019 Season Ticket. This money can either be refunded automatically or held in your account to come of future season tickets. To have the money refunded automatically please enter your bank details under the Account Cashback section in your online eticketing account once you have been notified your seat has sold.
  • Season Ticket Holders will not pay any fees for listing or selling their season tickets for sale

  • Purchasers will pay a single fixed £7.50 per ticket fee when purchasing a match ticket via Ticket Exchange

  • Following every home Premier League fixture this season, Season Ticket Holders will be issued with one additional Loyalty Point if either they have their Season Stadium Access Card scanned at Wembley Stadium’s turnstiles OR list their seat for sale on our Ticket Exchange system

  • Any One Hotspur Member who purchases a ticket via the Ticket Exchange system will have their stadium Access Card credited with the fixture. Additionally there is no need to contact the Ticket Office as a loyalty point will be added once the Stadium Access Card is scanned at Wembley Stadium's turnstiles.  

  • Disabled supporters seated in the accessible areas of the stadium should note that the personal assistant provision is provided free of charge, so cannot be listed in isolation.
    Seats within the designated accessible areas are only available to purchase by those supporters who have previously registered their personal requirements with the Access Team.
    All enquiries regarding tickets within our accessible areas should be directed to

I've listed my ticket but can't see it on the seat map?

If you are a supporter who has listed your ticket for exchange please note that this will not appear in the ‘interactive seat map’. By switching to the Ticket Exchange tab, you will see availability by block but not individual seat status.

When a supporter logs into the Ticketing and Membership site and selects Ticket Exchange to purchase a seat, they will be presented with the same seat map indicating availability by block and they will be able to select seats on a best available basis.

How do I list my seat on the Ticket Exchange?

  1. Log in to your tickets account and select the relevant fixture from the home page.
  2. Select Manage Tickets from the options available and then click on the Manage My Tickets button.
  3. Select the seat(s) you wish to list for sale click Sell Tickets and the seat will immediately be available for sale to eligible supporters.
  4. Supporters will be notified by email should their seat be purchased.

How do I claim a rebate of funds following a successful Ticket Exchange sale?

If a supporters seat is sold via the Ticket Exchange, you will receive an email notification that your seat has been sold.

To claim a rebate of the funds in your account after a successful Ticket Exchange sale, please follow the steps below.

  1. Sign into our e-ticketing site.
  2. In the top right click My Account.
  3. On the dropdown menu below Account Management click Account Cashback.




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