Reporting Anti-Social behaviour

Both the Club & Wembley Stadium treats anti-social behaviour seriously and expects all supporters to treat everyone with respect.

Wembley Stadium promotes a strong anti-social campaign and encourages all supporters to report any anti-social behaviour which they are subject to or see by texting 87474 and by typing in the relevant keyword which identifies the anti-social behaviour viewed:

FOUL – Bad language and bad behaviour

RACISM – Racist chant and shouting

HPH – Homophobic chanting

DRINK – Drinking in view of the pitch

SMOLE – Smoking within the stadium

STAND – Standing within the seating bowl

PYROS – Pyrotechnics

Within your message please identify the location in which the bad behaviour is taking place (BLOCK, ROW, SEAT) in order for the safety to view the incident via the extensive cameras around the stadium, a team may also attend.

Anti-social behaviour posts are located around and within the entire stadium as noted below.

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