Spurs Shops

All the shops are extremely busy on matchdays. If you require a quieter period on a matchday we would recommend at least 2 hours before kickoff and 30 minutes after the game. Non-matchdays are considerably quieter.

Accessible information regarding all Spurs Shops

    • There are a number of shops at the stadium
    • Small shop on High Road; there is a slight threshold to the entrance (under 2cm)
    • West Stand shop on the 4th floor is fully accessible on a flat even surface via double doors which are manned, no low counter available
    • Northumberland Park shop is situated outside the train station, entry via street level access with push button entry, shop floor provides level access up to the till points, all tills are fully accessible. Exit via ramp or 3 stairs with handrail access, exit doors are automatic
    • The mega store is situated the corner of High Road and Park Lane.There is a slight incline to the entrance (less than 1:20) and a bell to call for attention. Doors are manual and manned on matchday. The entrance width is in excess of 1200mm/48 inches
    • The Megastore provides level access and aisles are generally wide and large spaces between displays
    • Staff are always available on the shop floor to assist
    • Seating is available if required
    • Lighting is balanced and evenly lit around the shop
    • A managed queuing system is used on matchdays and a lower counter is available. Tills are also outward facing
    • There is currently no loop system available in the shop(s)


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