The Automatic Cup Scheme

For full details on the Automatic Cup Scheme please read below:

Cup Ties

4.1 The Club reserves the right to put on general sale any seats that are unclaimed by Silver Members by the closing date specified by the Club through its Communication Channels.

4.2 Platinum, Gold and Silver Members cannot claim any refund for any unused Cup-Tie credits whether or not the Cup matches are actually played.

4.3 If the Club do not play either or both Home Cup games at White Hart Lane during the 2016/17 season then Platinum, Gold and Silver Members who renew for Season 2017/18 will receive a loyalty reward as an appropriate credit to be determined by the Club in its reasonable discretion and by reference to the historic cost of Cup-Tie tickets. Under no circumstances will cash refunds be made if either or both Cup-Ties are not played during the Season.

4.4 Platinum and Gold Members are included in the home Cup-Tie Ticket Guarantee Scheme for cup matches played at White Hart Lane during the 2016/17 season and must be aware of the following conditions:

4.4.1 The Club will send an email to Platinum and Gold Members when their Home Cup-Tie (at White Hart Lane) tickets have been processed and loaded on to their Season Stadium Access Card. However, it is the sole responsibility of the Platinum and Gold Members to keep their email address registered with the Club up to date. 

4.4.2 For the 2016/17 season, where home matches in The UEFA Champions League will be played at Wembley Stadium, ALL season ticket holders will be required to purchase their tickets for these fixtures. The Automatic Cup Scheme WILL NOT be in operation for UEFA matches at Wembley Stadium for this season.

4.4.2 The credit/debit card details that have been provided to charge the cost of the Season Ticket will NOT be registered as payment details for all Cup-Ties not included within the Season Ticket. As a result, these details must be kept up to date. The Club will attempt to contact the Platinum or Gold Member by email when encountering issues with a payment card although the Club will not accept any responsibility if this email is not read, opened or is sent to an email address that is out of date or is filtered out through a spam guard. In the event the Platinum or Gold Member fails to update their payment information the Club will not issue the home Cup-Tie ticket and the Platinum or Gold Member’s seat will be offered for sale for that particular home Cup-Tie. If the payment details remain out of date for any subsequent home Cup-Tie, it will be assumed that the Platinum or Gold Member wishes to cancel participation in the scheme and the conditions in clause 4.4.4 will apply.

4.4.3 It is not possible to opt out of the scheme for a particular home Cup-Tie for any reason. In the event that the home Cup-Tie ticket is not required by the Platinum or Gold Member for one of the first two home cup-ties of the season, the ticket may be sold using the Ticket Exchange Scheme specified in clause 5 of these Terms and Conditions. After the first two home cup-ties have taken place the usual seven day refund policy will be implemented, as outlined in 2.3.

4.4.4 If a Platinum or Gold Member wishes to cancel their participation in the home Cup-Tie Guarantee scheme they must put their request in writing/via email and give 28 days notice of the likely date of the next scheduled  home Cup-Tie. Upon cancellation, 5 points will be deducted from their loyalty points and it will not be possible to opt back in to the scheme for the remainder of the Season. Silver Members may upgrade to the home Cup-Tie Guarantee scheme at any time during the season however, once the season has commenced, no extra loyalty points will be awarded for doing so.

4.4.5 The Club will deduct funds from the registered card as soon as match details are confirmed. Subject to the Cup draw, the time of deduction may vary but will typically be four weeks before the day of the match.

4.4.6 The cost of additional Cup-Ties will be drawn from the Club’s match rate card unless notified otherwise of a different price.

4.4.7 Once funds have been successfully obtained for Platinum and Gold member’s tickets, the relevant data will be loaded on to the members’ Season Stadium Access Card. Access to the relevant cup-tie will be gained by production of the Season Stadium Access Card at the turnstile, subject to the terms set out in section 2 of these Terms and Conditions.

4.4.8 Any Platinum, Gold or Silver member who has been relocated to an alternative seat due to any reasons set out in 2.10, they will be issued with a match ticket for the match(es) concerned.

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