Feedback and concerns

Tottenham Hotspur is proud of its relationship with fans and constantly strives to improve supporters’ match day experience and day to day interaction with the Club.

If you do have reason to complain on a matchday, please speak to a steward or a uniformed member of staff. We find that 95% of all complaints can be resolved at the time of the initial problem. If your complaint cannot be resolved on the day or is concerning another matter, please contact us at the main Club address, by email to:

Accident reporting & text message service

To report an accident or concerns on matchday please notify the nearest steward. If you wish to notify the Safety team of an issue inside the Stadium you may wish to use the text service.

To report an incident via SMS please send it to 07537 404 821.

The text message service is unique at White Hart Lane and has been used to good effect in the past couple of Seasons in enabling us to ban people for committing offences on matchdays.

Foul, abusive and racist language will not be tolerated in this stadium, but should you experience any of these and wish to report it, you can do so by texting the control room on the above number. You do not have to put up with mindless supporters who are intent on ruining your day with us, so use the system, report the individuals and let us take it from there.

For our staff, it is better to monitor the problem as it is happening, we can view the area of concern on CCTV and deal with everything quickly.

Help us to make White Hart Lane a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. 

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