Bronze Members - New Season Ticket FAQ's


How many new Season Tickets will be offered to Bronze Members?
Thanks to the increase in capacity both at Wembley Stadium and our new Stadium, we are now in the position to widen our season ticket base to individual One Hotspur Bronze members at the top of our waiting list by releasing a further 18,465 Season Tickets.


I didn’t receive an email and believe I am within the 18,465 individuals on the Bronze Members waiting list?
If you haven’t received an email by Friday 9 June and believe that you are within the 18,465 waiting list please email:

Can I reserve seats for my group so that we can all sit together?
During the allocated window, you will be able to choose from any available seats at Wembley Stadium. Available seat locations will be visible on e-ticketing website site. During the specified window, one person from the group will be able to reserve all seats by using the client reference numbers. This person will be asked to submit payment card details however no payment will be taken at this time. Following your seat reservation, please log back into your account 24 hours later to confirm and purchase your season ticket.

Please note that if your group is across two windows (as detailed in the table below) you will have to wait for later window to apply together.

My child has been successful, can they sit with me?
During this process we are prioritising any supporters under the age of 18 years that now qualifies for a Season Ticket and that are linked by postal address and/or email address to existing Season Ticket Holders. These supporters will be contacted directly via email with further details on how to proceed with their seat purchase for next season. Any existing Season Ticket Holders who wish to sit with supporters that are under the age of 18 but are not linked on our database by address should email detailing the Client Reference Numbers of the supporters concerned.


I have been successful, can I sit with another successful Bronze member?
Anyone from the Season Ticket Waiting List who is now eligible to buy a Season Ticket, and wishes to purchase a seat together with other eligible members who are only able to purchase during a later sales window than them is able to defer their purchase to a later date to allow this to happen. E.g. someone who is 3,000 on the list and wishes to buy a seat with someone who is 5,000 on the list should simply wait until Window 2 to make their seat selection. We will not be able to consider requests for relocations at a later date from supporters purchasing during different periods during this process.

I have been successful, can I sit with a current Season Ticket holder?
Any Bronze member offered a Season Ticket and who wishes to sit near to existing Season Ticket Holders that have already secured their seating location is advised to check with those supporters regarding where they have purchased their seats and attempt, subject to availability, to buy a seat as close as possible to this location. Due to the volume of tickets already sold it is not feasible for us to allow large numbers of supporters to now relocate together which is why specific priority is being given to junior supporters.


I have been offered a Season Ticket, when can I select my seat and purchase it?
Supporters offered a Season Ticket will be able to select their seat for next season during the below sales windows as determined by their Waiting List position which is detailed at the top of this email.

Current Waiting List Position

Purchase Window

Season Ticket Purchase Dates

1 - 4,500

Window 1

10am Tue 13 June - 5pm Thurs 15 June

4,501 - 9,000

Window 2

10am Fri 16 June - 5pm Mon 19 June

9,001 - 13,500

Window 3

10am Tue 20 June - 5pm Thu 22 June

13,501 - 18,465

Window 4

10am Fri 23 June- 5pm Mon 26 June



How do I select my Season Ticket?
Successful Bronze Members will be able to simply log on to our e-ticketing site HERE during the appropriate Purchase Window and select a seat from those available as Season Tickets across Wembley Stadium.


What will the view be like from the various blocks on offer?
For information on all blocks at Wembley Stadium, and to see a general overview of the view from various seating locations please click here.


How much will a Season Ticket cost?
The pricing of season tickets for 2017/2018 is for 19 Premier League games only. Concession pricing will apply in all areas of the stadium for supporters under the age of 18 and over 65 years. For a full breakdown please click here


Can I spread the cost of paying for my Season Ticket?
We are delighted to announce that for the 2017/2018 Season you will be able to spread the cost of your Season Ticket by applying for a 10-month financing plan operated by the Club’s Season Ticket financing partner, V12 Finance. If you wish to pay by this option,  your loan will be subject to an arrangement fee (admin fee) of 3.75%.An example of this would be, for a Season Ticket priced at £942.25 (including booking fee) the loan is repayable in 10 monthly instalments of £94.23 with the arrangement fee of £35.33 payable with the first instalment. For a bespoke quote, please select the 'INSTALMENT PLAN' option as your method of payment at the checkout stage; if you wish to proceed, follow the instructions and you will be directed to the V12 site to process your loan application. Please note that the finance option is only available online and to UK residence. For further details please click here.

What will happen to my loyalty points when I upgrade from Bronze to Season Ticket holder?
A different loyalty point system operates for Season Ticket holders and Bronze Members. In the event that a Bronze Member secures a Season Ticket, the points gained as a Bronze Member will be reset to zero. Season Ticket holders will always have priority on tickets over Bronze and Lilywhite Members. The reason that loyalty points are re-set is due to Bronze Members throughout a season accruing home loyalty points in addition to away game loyalty points which is a non-comparable scheme.

I have paid for my Bronze Membership, will I get a refund?
If you have been offered a Season Ticket and decide to take up this offer of a Season Ticket for next season, the cost of your One Hotspur Bronze Membership that you recently paid for the 2017/18 season will be deducted from the cost of the forthcoming year’s Season Ticket at the checkout point when you pay for your new Season Ticket.


Will I be guaranteed a Season Ticket in new Stadium if I buy one at Wembley?
Those Bronze members who do elect to purchase a Season Ticket at Wembley Stadium will be able to renew their ticket in the new Stadium and be part of the consultation process for seating location arrangements. Furthermore, we can confirm that current Season Ticket Holders and those purchasing a Season Ticket for the first time during this process will have the opportunity to purchase seats together at the new Stadium when that seat allocation process commences in the coming months.


Will my choice of seat at Wembley influence the location of seat I will get at the new stadium?
No. The seat you select at Wembley Stadium will not influence where you are offered a seat at the new stadium. We will contact all Season ticket holders in the coming months with full details on how the seating process will work for our new stadium.


I have been offered a Season Ticket, what happens if I decline the offer?
In keeping with how we have historically managed the Season Ticket Waiting List, should you not decide to take up the offer of a Season Ticket at Wembley Stadium, you will still retain your place on the Season Ticket Waiting List. This will mean that you will be offered a Season Ticket at the new Stadium dependent on your place on the waiting list and as and when availability arises.


Is there a designated “Home end” at Wembley?
Yes. As for our European matches at Wembley for the 2016/2017 season we have designated the West End of Wembley as the home end. Our aim is to use this area as the main focus to generate the atmosphere for the team for our matches at Wembley.


I have access requirements and would like to purchase a seat with wheelchair access or easy access amenity seating.
You will be contacted by the Access team in due course and be invited to purchase a Season Ticket if eligible.


Where are the away fans going to be located at Wembley Stadium?
For our Premier League matches, visiting supporters will be located in Blocks 112 – 119. This may change for matches in UEFA competition dependent on opponents and their ticketing requirements.

Will all 90,000 seats be available for every match?
We have permission to open the stadium to full capacity for an additional 22 events during the course of the season subject to segregation, and Broadcast requirements. Events and matches falling outside these additional number will be managed through Wembley’s existing event calendar.


If I can’t make a match at Wembley, can I list my ticket for re-sale via the Clubs Ticket Exchange? We will be announcing details of our Ticket Exchange scheme for Season Ticket holders very shortly. Please keep a close eye on Club channels for further updates.


Can I change the name of a Season Ticket to someone else?
No – as per the Clubs terms and conditions of Membership, only the named Member/Season Ticket may use the facilities offered. Membership as well as Season Tickets remain non-transferable.


Can my Season Ticket be changed to my company name?
One Hotspur General Admission Season Tickets, Bronze, and Lilywhite Memberships must be registered to an individual supporter. These tickets cannot be registered in a company name, and no one individual is permitted to have more than one Season Ticket or Membership registered in their name.

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